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Re: Associated Woods Products

We have been doing business with Associated Wood Products for over 30 years. From their creation of custom furniture for our offices, to display cabinets and furniture reproductions, to custom kitchens and bathrooms for our own homes, we have never been disappointed.

We are very cautious in giving out personal recommendations as in doing so our reputation is put in potential jeopardy. Experience has taught us that quality of workmanship and materials has been a continual criteria of owner Sam for any item that bears his mark. It is because of this that we can highly recommend Associated Wood Products for cabinetmaking and custom design.

Dear Sam,

I am writing this letter as an open recommendation of you and your Company. You have been an integral part of our firm’s success in the hardwood flooring business. We would not have been able to accomplish what we have accomplished with out your assistance and expertise. You eliminated many of the pitfalls for us and shortened the learning curve. Additionally, your on going product support allows us to continue offering the finest line up of pre-finished hardwoods in the market.

In dealing with prospective clients, please feel free to give them our names and telephone numbers. We will be more than happy to provide prospective customers with assurance regarding your competency, your professionalism and your reliability. We look forward to working with you in the future because of these qualities.

Thank you for your support. Please encourage potential clients to contact us as a reference or for more information on your abilities.

For Prospective Customers Of Associated Wood Products:

My family lived 12 years with cracked tiles and no dishwasher. They finally persuaded me to rip out our 1940’s kitchen and add some quality to our Ballard home. My homegrown crew would demolish that kitchen with a vengeance. Walls, flooring, and plumbing are within my capabilities, but I knew that finish work would drag on an on for me and would be beyond my skill level.

Fortunately I had seen custom woodwork done by Sam Peterson of Associated Wood Products. Sam and I created a plan of cabinets and appliances that would fit best into an eight-foot wide kitchen. His final layout was measured to the nearest 1/32nd of an inch!

My wife chose simple cabinets of solid cherry wood with a natural finish. Now we had seen cherry cabinets at the warehouse stores. Compared to those Sam builds, store bought cabinets look like cardboard! Custom wood has slight variations in coloring and texture that make a remarkable difference over mass production stock. Sam took particular care choosing the wood facing our eating area. The grain of that wood is like natural art.

Sam crafted our cabinets in less than a week. Sam installed them in just two days – with counter tops. He even worked with my slightly bowed walls with no problem.

I saved money being my own contractor and I saved time using Sam. I did not have to bother with his end of the project at all. Sam did all that we asked of him to perfection.

Our kitchen is small and simple and elegant. It is the heart of our home now. We are delighted to show it off. I could not have done our kitchen satisfactorily without Sam Peterson.


Michael Hall
Seattle, Washington

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